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Berikut ini adalah pertanyaan dari rizalrizkia021 pada mata pelajaran B. inggris untuk jenjang Sekolah Menengah Pertama

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Jawaban dan Penjelasan

Berikut ini adalah pilihan jawaban terbaik dari pertanyaan diatas.




Holiday at Home

(Liburan di Rumah)

•Orientation (Pembukaan)

Last thursday was my day off. I didn’t go anywhere. I just stay at home for two weeks to did the same activities routinely, over and over again. I felt that was the worst day I have ever passed.

•Event (Isi)

I woke up earlier and did subuh prayer. After that, I had breakfast with my family in the morning. At 08.00 am, I turned on computer and played many games. Not felt, it was 10.00 o’clock, I rushed to take a bath to freshen my body.

Then, I watched my favorite TV programs until it almost midday. At 01.00 pm, I went to bathroom to ablution and immediately did zuhur prayer. Then, I had lunch and helped my mother to clean the house.

Because I was tired, I felt asleep on the couch. Unexpectedly, after waking up I had a guest who could cheer me up, my aunt came with her child. I kept playing with my nieces until nightfall.

•Re-orientation (Kesimpulan)

Although just a home holiday, at least to refresh my mind from the routine activities in the office.



•TITLE (Judul)•

Going to Cermin Beach

(Pergi ke Pantai Cermin)

•Orientation (Pembukaan)

A few months ago, I went to Cermin beach with my family. It is located in Serdang Bedagai district about 53 km from Medan city, North Sumatera. The trip there took about 1,5 hours. We left from Medan at 07.30 using a car and we arrived about 09.00 o’clock.

•Event (Isi)

As arrived there, my parents rented a hut to take a rest. I and my brother immediately ran towards the beach. It looked sunny day with the blue sky and I felt a gentle breeze. The waves there were suitable for swimming, but unfortunately I couldn’t swim. I just played with white sand and built a sand castle. I didn’t forget to take a selfie with the background of beautiful beach.

At noon, I began to feel hungry. I approached the rented hut. Apparently, my mother had prepared food for us. I felt happy to be able to vacation with family and enjoyed the beauty of nature created by God.

•Re-orientation (Kesimpulan)

Not felt, the day had begun in the evening. We hurried to go home. Before went to home, I bought some souvenirs there. Finally, we arrived at 6:00 PM because the trip was jammed.




Visiting Uncle’s House

(Mengunjungi Rumah Paman)

•Orientation (Pembukaan)

The last semester vacation was an unexpected holiday. Because, I didn’t have any vacation schedule. But, my father gave me a surprise. I was very happy and excited to visit my uncle who had not met for two years.

•Event (Isi)

I prepared everything needed to go on vacation. After that, dad invited me to go to the terminal because we did left at 05.00 pm. The trip that must be taken to Panyabungan was around 13 hours. Along the way, I saw such an amazing view from the bus window.

The next day, we arrived at 08.00 am. I didn’t expect them to gather to greet us.On the day, I had to take a rest for freshen my body.

The second day there, I did taken by my uncle to go to the garden to harvest oranges. The location of garden was not far from Uncle’s house. Arriving there, I was happy to be able to pick oranges directly from the tree. The oranges that had been picked were sold and some were for souvenirs.

The third day, I and uncle went to the river for take a bath. I did amazed to see the water that was so clear. There, I found many people busy to washing and bathing.

The holiday was over, I had to go back to Medan to continue the routine activities. While there, I got a lot of experience and visited family that I had never met before.

•Re-orientation (Kesimpulan)

Although it was a short vacation, it was a memorable holiday for me. I got a lot of experience there.


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