Buatlah recount text minimal 300 kata

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Buatlah recount text minimal 300 kata

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Online learning during pandemic

So when I was still in junior high school,precisely in March 2020,distance learning was carried out because of the covid-19 pandemic.Teachers used the Google Classroom application to send materials and assignments.

But I was carried away by the convenience of distance learning,I often delay and I don't do assignments.I prefer to play online games and look at social media than do assignments.I can't divide the time at that time. It feels like time goes so fast,after I finish playing games,the clock shows it's already afternoon.I didn't do it and it was delayed.The next day it happened again,even until I asked a friend's answer to be copied so that all my piled up assignments could be finished.Until one day my homeroom teacher contacted me personally and asked why I often procrastinated and was not active during learning.I also answered because I couldn't divide my time between fun and an obligation.Then the teacher advised me to prioritize my obligations and my school,I was momentarily aware and wanted to change the next day.I started deactivating social media and started deleting games that I thought were disturbing.I started working on my assignments seriously and enthusiastically.

From what happened at that time,I can take a positive thing, namely don't delay postponing something if it can was done right away and prioritize things that are important to myself.Things that happened at that time I still apply to this day and I can arrange a schedule every day I divide my time to do my homework and my time to relax.I will remember this message wherever I am.

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