The Lion And The Mouse Once upon a time, they

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The Lion And The Mouse Once upon a time, they lived a lion who ruled the forest. One day after eating his meal, the lion fell asleep under a tree. A little mouse saw him and thought it would be fun to play on him. He began running up and down on the sleeping lion. He ran up the tail and slide down the tail. The lion woke up angrily with a loud roar. He grabbed the mouse with his huge paw. The mouse struggled but could not escape. The lion opened his big jaws to swallow him. The mouse was very scared. Oh king, “I am very scared. Please don’t eat me. Forgive me this time. Please let me go. I shall never forget it and maybe one day I can help you.” The lion was so amused by the idea of the mouse being able to help him. That he lifted up his paw and let him go. Thank you, king. I will never forget your kindness. You are lucky my friend that I am just eaten. Now go but don’t mess with me again. Or I will make a meal of you.answer the questions below based on the story!
1. what was the story about?
2. where did the story occus?
3. Who were the characters in the story? 4. What did the mouse do to the lion for the first time?
5. was the lion angry with the mouse? 6.what did the mouse do then?
7. Did the mouse really fulfill its promise? 8. What did the mouse do to help the lion?
9. Did the story end Happily or sadly? 10. What is the moral value of the story about?​

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1. It was about the lion and the mouse

2. It occurred in the forest

3. The lion and the little mouse

4. He thought it would be fun to play with the lion

5. yes, it was

6. the mouse struggled to escape

7. yes, i guess

8. the mouse said that one day he Could help the lion

9. It ended happily

10. never disturb others and have respect to others

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